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Established in Oregon in 2015. Darrell McSmith started the Opal Foundation in memory of his late parents, Paul and Oppie McSmith.

Opal Foundation believes that developing parks and recreational areas can improve quality of life, attract visitors and businesses and help grow local economies. Our mission is to support recreational entities such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state and county parks, and private recreation sites, to ensure that our beloved parks and campgrounds stay open. We seek to provide access to America’s most beautiful areas for the continued enjoyment of campers, hikers, boaters, anglers, and those who simply love nature.

Opal Foundation Board of Directors

Darrell McSmith, a thriving entrepreneur deeply involved in his community, chaired the Sherwood Youth Soccer Club from 2000 to 2006, overseeing its growth to over 1,500 members. He also served as VP of the Sherwood Basketball Organization from 2002 to 2009, enriching the lives of over 550 young players. In 2011, he began coaching girls’ basketball at LaSalle College Prep High School, where he remains active.

In his media career since the early ’90s, McSmith founded M.A.C. Media Inc., pioneering school advertising programs and significantly boosting revenues for underfunded programs. He later ventured into alternative media sales, notably growing revenues at Lexicon Media and AdVan Media.

In 2002, McSmith founded All Points Media, specializing in out-of-home media, later acquiring AdVan Media and expanding its fleet to over 10 million in revenue. In 2009, he diversified further with a print division, now a separate company called Printworks, generating over 1 million in revenue.

Additionally, McSmith acquired distribution rights for Cinch Traps, expanding sales globally. In 2016, he launched an alternative out-of-home media buying agency, with first-year revenues exceeding 3 million. His track record speaks to his commitment and passion for success

Jeff Gillis graduated from Central Washington University in 2005 with a business Administration & Marketing degree, he took on a leadership role as VP of sales at All Points Media, an out of home advertising company based out of Oregon.  Eager to develop his expertise in the company, Jeff took on the role of VP of Operations in 2014, managing over 7 million in revenues. Born and raised in Washington, Jeff spent his childhood exploring the great outdoors with his grandparents from Oregon.  When Jeff is not in his office he can be found on the river fishing, hiking or spending time with his wife and their 2 year old son.  Attending Philippi Park has been a tradition in Jeff’s family for years, he plans to continue exploring all that Oregon has to offer fulfilling his dreams as an outdoor enthusiast.

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